Sep 13 • 1HR 48M

Healthcare's Final Frontier: Navigating the Wild West of RBP with Industry Renegades

Omar Arif of ClaimDOC & Scott Schnaidt of HST on All Things RBP

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Craig Gottwals
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Ever imagine healthcare could feel like the Wild West?  Welcome to the untamed lands of Reference-Based Pricing (RBP), the sizzling frontier where a select few employers unleash radical savings while giving the traditional PPO system a stiff arm.

Unveil a world where only 3-4% of employers dare to tread, but where jaw-dropping 30-40% savings rain like gold and concierge-level service is the sheriff in town.

Curious about RBP's magic? This isn't just healthcare. It's "Health-FAIR!" Here, employers "price-match" medical costs against benchmark prices, slicing their claims in half compared to big insurers. 

Projections say employer healthcare costs will shoot up another 7-9% in 2024. Yet Medicare Part D Premiums are projected to decrease by 1.8%.  All major insurers participate in both markets.  The lesson?  Employers with private insurance are subsidizing Medicare.  But hold your horses. With RBP, brace yourself for a 0-2% trend that turns the tables on traditional care.

Jump into this roller-coaster ride of a podcast with your guide through this maze, joined by two titans of the trade—Omar Arif of ClaimDOC & Scott Schnaidt of HST.  They've both cracked the code, each in their unique ways, and the results? Nothing short of spellbinding.

🎯 What's on Tap:

  • The gears and levers behind RBP

  • Navigating the legal minefields

  • Secrets from Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

  • RBP's performance across the geographical board

  • The art of handling balance bill claims

  • Litigation: When & How Often

  • Co-fiduciaries: The real deal or just smoke and mirrors?

  • Show Me the Money: Their pay structure dissected

  • Year-end Report Cards: The Good, the Bad, and the Profitable

And just when you think it couldn’t get any cooler—did one of these guys actually play pro baseball in a global tourney, while the other rocked the stage with NIRVANA? 🎸⚾

Lock in your earbuds. Prepare for a mind-bending journey. You’re entering "The Repricers"—Healthcare’s Final Frontier! 🌌🛸